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Studios and Entertainment

Our productions are diverse; corporate and advertisement films, feature films, entertainment serial for television, children's programme, animation and public awareness campaigns.

Shooting all over India
We offer one-stop shop to handle all your production requirements. From features to documentaries, producing

TV channels
Broadcasting - Serials - News - Documentaries - Live shows
Films- Commercial - Art - Children - Theological - Educational - Social - Historical -Animation
Our team is trained to coordinate with international productions.

Event Service
With over 7years of experience producing top quality, high profile events, we get it. Whether it's creating a brand new concept scouting the ideal location, designing the best venue plan or simply straightening your banner on event day - we understand that every element of an event impacts your brand and end result. It is this attention to detail - large and small - that sets us apart from other Event Production Companies.

Our event production staff has designed and produced event with crowds reaching 100,000 + in attendance. In addition to producing live events, we have extensive experience in working with TV and other media outlets. Which increase the reach and visibility of your events to your audience.

At SUNRISE EVENTS we understand that your event is a reflection and extension of your brand. Every detail must be acknowledged and attended to, which equates to a positive and favorable experience for your target audience. It is these positive experiences that turn regular consumers into brand loyalists that turn brand loyalists into band evangelists. It is our job to guarantee this happens. Welcome to SUNRISE EVENTS .

Event Creation and Consultion
SUNRISE EVENTS is a full service marketing and event production agency offering our partners individual service from concept and ideation through complete event production, execution, management and results analysis. Who thinks of this stuff.we do!

Based on our history, experience and reputation, SUNRISE EVENTS has been contracted by industry leaders to develop and consult on specific events.

The point is, the team at SUNRISE EVENTS is passionate about events and coming up with ideas that have never been done before. We're continually pushing the limits on what's possible based on our experience are history of turning these ideas into successful events.

Site Design and Layout
It's one thing to come up with a great idea - it's an entirely different skill to make it happen. Once our idea is approved, it's time to get to work on the design and implementation. Our veteran site designers are involved in the production process from day one. Being involved in the ideation and creative process allows them to hear first hand what the objectives and desired results of the event are. This information is critical as they begin the site design and layout process - producing a venue that not only brings to life our unique idea, but also delivers a memorable experience to your consumer.

TV Production and Media
Since many of our events contain a TV component, we design our events with both the live spectator and TV audience in mind. The team at SUNRISE EVENTS is experienced in all aspects of working with the needs. TV production - whether it be live to homes around the world, or taped for post production and future air dates. We have worked with so many networks. from the moment we're onsite, our team works directly with the TV Director, as well as the live show Director ensuring that the production not only runs smoothly and meets the demands of our client, but is also captivating to spectators both onsite and at home.

Hospitality Coordination
Who's got the credential, The backstage pass, The VIP laminate, Every event has the section that every one else wants to be in. Why? Because this is the best place to view the event, has the best food and drink, contains the "beautiful people", a - who's who of the event or sport. What makes this place so cool? It's the creativity, design and vision of the hospitality team at SUNRISE EVENTS .

We know that each client has their list - customers, clients, vendors that they want treated with VIP attention. We make this happen - from the interior design, furnishings and food and beverage, to the VIP gift bags. We also have the ability to coordinate all travel, hotel and local transportation needs for your guests.

At SUNRISE EVENTS we take care of everything allowing you to focus or making sure your guests are having a great time at your event.

Our Approach
When was the last time you made a purchasing decision because you were a certain age, race, sex, and income level? Exactly. Our campaigns focus on people - their emotions, aspirations and self concepts - things that drive their purchasing behavior. Generally, consumers purchase products that make them feel good, inspired, enriched and fulfilled. They don't purchase them based on being a 18-100 year old Male / female making between $ 20K - $ 100M a year. The "people factor" is a driving force in our ideation and implementation phase of building a campaign. After all, the people are the ones purchasing your product, not their demographic.

Increased sales
Increased awareness
Product introduction Trial

Uncovering the commonalities from your existing customers
Bundling those attributes into identifiers
Running these identifiers through a filtering database results in an expanded, target rich audience
This audience is not demographic driven, but ethnographic driven.
These consumers represent your best source of business and the target. We will design your campaign to resonate with.

Cross promotional opportunities.
Visual environment
End result

The final step once your campaign design has been finalized Based on the foundation work and research already completed, or campaign will be targeted and focused to reach the audience most likely to adopt and accept your brand Our team of experts will be extensively trained, not only on the campaign goals & tactics, but on your brand and product as well. This ensures true brand ambassadorship guaranteeing consistent and positive brand messaging The result: a highly focused, very targeted campaign reaching the right consumer, at the right place, at the right time Cross promotional opportunities Visual environment Collateral End result

We Can Do
SUNRISE EVENTS is full service Marketing and Event Production agency offering our partners individual service from concept and ideation through complete event production, execution, management and results analysis. We tailor each fully - integrated program specifically to our client's objectives and desired results. We leverage our partner's sponsorship strategies through innovative operations, promotions, merchandising, and consumer incentives and media extensions. We have years of experience in implementing unique and highly successful

promotional programs associated with events and their respective industries. It is this experience, combined with a tremendous passion for what we do, that has formed the foundation of the company's excellent reputation, SUNRISE EVENTS is recognized for its high quality program conceptualization, execution, results and maintained relationships with our partners.

Backed by years of industry experience, our core services include:
Integrated Event Marketing
Mobile tours Sampling
Media / P.R. Extensions
Event Production
Event Creation & Consultation
Sports Timing
Site Design & Layout
Press, Radio & TV Production
Hospitality Coordination

SUNRISE EVENTS is a full service and event marketing corporation committed to providing our clients with only the highest quality, most professional services available in the industry. Together, our management team has nearly 7 years of experience in selling, organizing, and producing an array of events raging from conferences, trade shows, exhibitions, product launches and private (personal) events.

SUNRISE EVENTS specializes in following areas :
- Marriage Arrangement.
- Event Management
- Entertainment Solution
- Celebrity coordination & consulting services
- Design Service
- Audio Visual Services
- Exhibitions - The Missing Link ?
- Public Relations
- Private Parties
- Product Launches
- Fashion Shows
- Artist Management
- Wedding Management
- Hostesses
- Sound
- Lights
- Catering
- Sets
- Live Shows & Cultural Shows
- Entertainment Acts
- Volunteers

Marriage Arrangement Division

Sunrise Events (A Unit of Sunrise Studios & Entertainment Ltd.)
Marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on earth In budget of Rs twenty thousand to twenty crore according to your satisfaction with help of supreme power you make your golden moments memorable by Sunrise Events 12 year old limited film and Entertainment Company

Wedding Tourism In India Weddings are a time of love and celebration. We know how important the event is for you and we aim at making it extra special and unforgettable.
Let us help you plan and organize your wedding, from the beginning till the end. Our team of experts can assist with getting get people from around the world together and taking care of all their travel needs including air tickets, hotel accommodation and car transfers. If needed, we can also plan interesting sightseeing tours and excursions. For the couple, we can help you choose a location for your wedding day or honeymoon - be it a royal affair in Rajasthan, an informal celebration in Goa or romantic heaven Himachal, whatever your style and budget, the options are plenty. After the wedding, there's the honeymoon to think about. Savor the unforgettable moments of your life as you embark on a journey of togetherness. From the exquisite to the adventurous, we ensure that your memories last forever. For more details on weddings in India, email us at www.sseworldwide.com

Marriage Arrangement Theme
Rajsthani royal
Jungle Tribe
Ancient Egyptian
Modern Indian
Simple Indian

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