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Gingar The Wonderful Herb

The spice ginger is an underground rhizome. The botanical name of ginger is zingier officianale.Some people say that botanical name is derived from Sanskrit name shringbera which means 'HORN SHAPED' as ginger reflects in characteristic. Some other calls it admiral in Hindi or Sanskrit means preliminary extract of earthen energy (ADI + ARK).

The flesh of ginger rhizome may be yellow, white, red or brownish colour depends on the variety of the ginger. It is renowned to many countries and regions of the world since thousands of years. In ancient India it was mentioned in holy Vedas. Ginger has an important place in ayurveda (THE KNOWLEDGE OF LIFE & HEALTH) also it was successfully used by many Indian saints (RIGHIES) in also many medicinal preparations as mentioned in CHARAU SAMHITA AND AYURVEDA. Due to its medicinal properties ginger spice has special place in Chinese and Middle Eastern writings it has also aromatic and culinary proper ties about two thousands year ago Romans imported ginger from china. However its popularity remained centered in meditation region until the Middle Ages when it was spread all over the world. As it was imported from ASIA. Ginger was an expensive spice. Despite being costly it was in great demand to make it more available the Spanish explorers introduced ginger to West Indies, Mexico and South America. As a result in 16th Century these areas began exporting this precious herb to Europe back.

Traditional Medicinal Use
Ginger the underground stem or rhizome of the plant ZINGIBER OFFICINALE has been used as medicine in India , Arabian Traditions and China since ancient times to help (DIGESTION,TO TREAT STOMACH UPSET ,DIARRHEA,ARTHARITIS,COLIC,NAUSEA AND HEART SYMPTOMS FOR OVER 2000 YEARS ) For 4400 years ginger spice has been used as cooking spice to add taste to food .

For Different Diseases Use Of Ginger, The Miraculous Spice
ON HEART: As ginger stimulates circulation of blood, it helps to prevent heart attacks. The Ginger has natural blood thinning properties. It prevents naturally internal blood clothing, reduces cholesterol, cleans and stimulates blood, prevents TIA'S (MINI STROKES) and had therapeutic properties for hypertension by lowering cholesterol level of blood.

ON DIGESTION : In Ayurveda the knowledge of healthy life ginger is used to increase appetite to tone up digestive system as it cleans colon, reduces colon spasms and cramps, clears gas and bowl disorders, it relatives in digestion by production of digestive juices in natural way (WITHOUT ANY SIDE EFFECT ) Ginger is best medicine in ( Used In Most Of The Indian Villages By Villagers ) For NAUSEA, VOMITING ,GOINESS , VERTIGO AND MOTION SICKNESS.

GINGER FOR LUNG: Ginger effectively helpful to cure lung problems or respiratory disorders. It cures cough and cold. Ginger soup is effective to cure FLU also. It prevents unwanted formation of mucus and clears rhonchies of lungs. Ginger is effective in Pneumanitus also.

Gingers Medicinal Use Known For:
Heart diseases, for respiratory problems, for Digestive System, Asthma, Headache Reducing Inflammation of Arthritis, Support kidney health, reduces post chemo therapy Nausea, morning sickness, sea sickness, promotes regular menstrual cramps and above all prevents cancer.

Scientific Research And Study On Ginger
Scientific research has revealed that this miraculous spice ginger has extra ordinary properties to cure so many diseases. The regular use of ginger in daily life can prevent the attacks of diseases and may help us to enjoy a healthy life without drugs. Studies have shown that it contains Anti - Inflammatory non steroidal properties much more than chemical drugs which are often referred as NSAIDA. Ginger shows the action of several genes which are involved in the inflammation process. Every body who thinks scientifically knows that these are the genes that encode cytokines, chemokines and the inducible enzyme cyclo oxygenase-2.

Modern Scientific Research has also revealed that ginger is very effective in alleviating symptoms of gastrointestinal distress for a long time it is traditionally used for gastrointestinal disorders. Among herbal medicines ginger is regarded as most effective.
(A substance which promotes the elimination of intestinal gas)

Intestinal Spasmolytic:
(Substance Which Relaxes and Soothes Intestinal Track) Scientific Research has revealed that ginger possesses numerous therapeutic properties as antioxidant effects (An ability to inhibit the formation of inflammatory effects) Ginger act as a histamine and helps in the treatment of allergies.
A DOUBLE BLIND STUDIES was conducted recently which has shown a clue how ginger is so successful to eliminate gastrointestinal distress. The studies have demonstrated that ginger is very active to prevent / check the symptoms of motion sickness. Especially sea sickness. Ginger is more effective than largely known DRVG Dramamine studies revealed that ginger reduces / relives all symptoms associated with motion sickness i.e. dizziness nausea , Vomiting, Cold Sweating And Vertigo.

Safe Relief For Pregnant Women
Ginger Is The Best Known Boon For Pregnant Women. It May Be Helpful Avoid Hospitalizations. A Review Of Six Double-Blind , Randomized Controlled Trials With A Total 675 Pregnant Women And Found That Ginger Is Effective In Reliving The Serves Of Nausea And Vomiting During Pregnancy. The Review Also Confirmed No Significant Side Effects Or Adverse Effects On Pregnancy. The Case Study Was Published In The Journal.

Obstetrics And Gynecology
April 2005, Ginger Brought About Significant Reduction In The Severity Of Nausea And Vomiting Hype Remises Gravid (A Condition Which Usually Requires Hospitalization). Ginger Proved Better Than Known Drugs To Cure Without Any Adverse Side Effects. Most Safe Remedy For All The Possible Problems Of Pregnancy Sickness.

The Gist Of Detailed Research Studies On Medicinal Properties Of Ginger
Anti Inflamatory Effects
Ginger is strong Antioxidant, Inhibits/checks production of Cytokines (WHICH CAUSES SWEELING AND PAIM). Ginger kills cold viruses. It contains zing Bain (WHICH DISSOLVES PARASTIES AND THEIR EGGS ANTIMICROBIAL) It kills bacteria including salmonella as ginger is internally antiseptic.
(Two Antibiotics Are Found In Ginger Which Fights Cold Chills And Fever)

The Research Reveiled
Ginger Extract (Gingrol) Helps To Kill The Prostate Cancer Cells
Prevents Pancreatic Cancer Growth
Benificial To Prevent Constipation Releated Cancer
Effective Anti-Tomar Agent In Leukemia Cells
Ginger Extract Kills Lung Cancer Cells
Gingerol (Extract Of Ginger) Reduces/Checks The Growth Of Helico Bacter Pylori Associated With Dyspepsia, Peptic Lilcer And Development Of Gastric And Colon Cancer.
Ginger Extract Raises Thymus Index, Spleen Index Percentage Of Phagcocytosis By Improving The Immunological Functions Related To Tumors.
Gingrol Inhabits Cell Adhesion, Invasion, Motility And Activities Of Breast Cancer Cell Lines.
Gingrol Induces Vitality Reduction And A Kills Gastric Cancer Cells.
Gingrol Kills Breast Carcinoma Cells Due To Apoptosis (Cell Breath) Gingrol Checks/Inhibits Cell Growth And Modulate Antigenic Factor In Ovarian Cancer Cells.
6-Shogaol Component Of Ginger Induces Cell Death In Colorectal Carcinoma Cells.
Compounds Of Ginger Inhibit Proliferation And Stops Growth Of Ovarian Cancer Cells.

AS PER DR.C.D KAPOOR Component of ginger suppresses METASTSIS (stops spreading) in any type of cancer cells including LEUKEMIC, SKIN, KIDNEY, LUNGS and PANCREATIC cancer cells. It is the most exciting and powerful miraculous health benefit of ginger. GINGER (Gingko) Reduces spin levels due to OSTEO ARTHIRITIS physicians found during two clinical studies that 75% of arthritis and 100% of patients wit MUSCULAR DISCOMFORT felt relief in pain and swelling and improvements in their mobility by consuming ginger regularly, A study published in an issue of OSTEO ARTHIRITIS CARTIAGE conducted for twelve month on 29 patients 6 men and 23 women within 42-85 years of age. It was a placebo controlled double-blind cross over study patients switched from placebo to ginger and vises-versa for 3 months. After six months the double-blind code was broken and 20 of patient who wished to continue were followed for six months. At the end of first six month study it was found that patients those were given ginger felt/experienced less pain on joints than those who were on placebo. The who were switched over to placebo from ginger experienced increase in pain up to 82.10 on movement (and handicap up to 80.80) on the other hand those who consumed ginger in place of placebo experienced 76.14 at base line to 41.00 decreased pain on movement while handicap decreased pain from 73.47 to 46.08.

Patients taking ginger regularly experienced lessened pain, lessened swelling and inflammation in knees and other joints. The knee circumference dropped from 43.25 cms to 39.36 cms by the 12th week when patients continued the lise of ginger knee circumference continued to drop and decrease due to decrease in swelling reaching 38:78 and 36.38 cms in two groups. A study was published in the November 2003 issue of LIFE SCIENCE it was worth mentioned that ginger's one of beneficial effects is free radical protection which is afforded by its active phenolic constituent 6-gingrol.In this VITRO (Test tube) study 6-gingrol was shown to significantly inhibit the production of nitric oxide, a highly reactive nitrogen molecule which quickly forms a very damaging free radical called PEROXYNITRITE.

Another study appeared in Nov 2003 issue of RADIATION RESEARCH It was found in mice five days treatment with ginger (10 mg per kilogram body weight) prior to exposure to radiation not only prevented an increase in free radical damage to lipids (Fat found in numerous bodily components from cell membranes to cholesterol) But also greatly lessened depletion of the animal's stores of GLUTAHIONE

An internally produced antioxidant of most important oxidants of body.
Similarly another study published in the February 2005 issue of Journal of alternative and complementary medicine sheds light on the mechanisms of action that under lie ginger's anti-inflammatory effectiveness. During the research ginger has shown to suppress the pro-inflammatory compounds (Cytokines and Chemokines) produced by SYNOVIOCYTES. (Cells comprising the synovial lining of the joints) CHRONDROCYTES (Cells comprising joint cartilage) and LEUKOCYTES (immune cells)

Ginger Provides Protection Against Cancer
Research presented papers at Frontiers in cancer prevention A major meeting of cancer experts conference held at PHOENIX AZ from October 26 to 30 October 2003.States that gingroles the main active components in ginger is responsible to prevent growth in human colorectal to prevent cancer cells.

The university of minnesota's hormal institute conducted research on mice. The mice was fed specially bred to lack an immune system a half milligram of 6-gingrole three times a week before and after injecting human colorectal cancer cells into their flanks control mice received no 6-gingrole.

Tumors first appeared 15 days after mice were injected. But only 4 tumors were found in the group of gingrole treated mice compared to 13 in the control mice, plus the tumors in the gingrole group still had no measurable tumors. On the 49th day it was noticed that all control mice had been euthanized since their tumors had grown to one cubic centimeter (0.06 cubic inch) while tumors in 12 of the 6-gingrole treated mice still averaged only 0.5 cubic centimeters i.e. half the maximum tumor size allowed before authorization.

Research associate professor Ann bode declared '' these results strongly suggest that ginger compounds may prove effective chemo preventive and chemotherapeutic agents for colorectal carcinomas''
Although rounds of more experiments in this regard are needed on mice to ensure if patient could eat ginger to slow down the metastasis of Hon operable tumor. The scientists are very optimistic. The university of Minnesota has suggested them the university has already applied for a patent on the use of 6-gingrol as an anti-cancer agent. And has been licensed the technology to PADIATRIC PHARAMACEUTICALS (As per Iselin N.J).

DETAILED RESEARCH STUDY ON GINGER USE AS ANTI CANCER AGENT AND/IMMUNE BOOSTING AGENT Despite all above research studies a detailed series of study papers were discussed by scientists at 97m annual meeting of the AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR CANCER particularly by Dr. Rebecca Luis and her colleagues from the university of Michigan (USA) has mentioned that gingrols (THE ACTIVE PHYTONUTRIENTS IN GINGER) kill ovarian cancer cells by inducing apoptosis (PROGRAMMED CELL DEATH) and autophagocytosis (self-digestion)

It was stated that ginger extract has anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor or anti cancer effects on cells. Dr Rebecca Luis examined the effects of whole ginger extract containing 5% gingrol on a number of ovarian cancer cell lines and found exposure to the ginger extract '' cell death'' in all the ovarian cancer lines.

A pro-inflammatory state is an important factor contributing in the development of the ovarian cancer. But in the presence of ginger a number of key indicators of inflammatory. (VASCULAR ENDOTHELIAL GROWTH FACTOR, INTER LEUKIN-8 AND PROSTAGLANDINER) were also decreased in ovarian cancer cells.

Conventional chemotherapeutic agents also suppress inflammatory markers but cancer cells mostly become resistant to these drugs, Dr. Luis and her colleagues believe that cancer cells exposed to ginger do not become resistant to its cancer destroying effects. Therefore more beneficial, effecting and useful than conventional drugs. In the case of ovarian cancer, an ounce of prevention (IN THE DELCIOUS FORM OF LIBERAL USE OF GINGER) is especially an excellent idea. Ovarian cancer is often deadly, since symptoms typically do not appear until it becomes too late as soon as ovarian cancer is diagnosed it is found spread beyond the ovaries. More than 50% women who develop ovarian cancer are diagnosed at the advance stages of the diseases.

Since centuries in Indian ginger is considered to contain anti toxic, anti viral and anti fungal properties and used for treatment of common cold, cough and even flu. It warms up in cold day and helps to promote healthy sweating which may do a lot more than simply assist detoxification.

But now German scientists and research scholars found that sweat contains a potent germ fighting agent that may help fighting infections. Scientists isolated the gene responsible for the compound and the protein it produces called DERMICIDIN

Dermicidin is formed in the sweat glands of our body secreted into the sweat and transported to the skin-surface. Here it provides protection against invading micro organisms including bacteria such as E.COLI, STAPHYLO COCCUS AUREUS (A common cause of skin infections) FUNGI including CANDIDA ALBICANS.

Ginger is concentrated and you have to use only T.S.F (powered) to receive its beneficial effects. for nausea ginger tea made by steeping one or two inch slices (1/2 inch slice is equal to 2/3 of an ounce) of fresh ginger in a cup of hot water will likely be all you need to settle your stomach for arthritis some people may found relief by consuming as little as a inch slice fresh ginger cooked in food. Although above studies revealed that patients who consumed more ginger reperted quicker and better results (RELIEF) No doubt ginger is all in one, a good delicious spice and an effective medicine to keep you healthy through out the year providing protection shield from so many common diseases.

Ginger root=1.000zwt=28.35gms=22.68 calories

POTASSIUM 11.65 mg 3.4 2.7 GOOD
MAGNESIUM 12.19 mg 3.0 2.4 GOOD
MAGANESE 0.06 mg 3.0 2.4 GOOD
COPPER 0.06 mg 3.0 2.4 GOOD
VITAMIN B-6 0.05 mg 2.5 2.0 GOOD
Above chart shows graphically details the percentage DU that a serving of ginger provides for each of nutrients of which it is good, very good or excellent as per our food rating system. Additional information about the amount of nutrients. In ginger can be found in food rating system chart. A link that takes you to the in depth nutritional profile for ginger.

Foods That Boost Your Immune System
Grand maa used to say ''an apple a day keeps the doctor away '' She was right to say so no doubt that there are foods like apples, some organic compounds, minerals, harbor potent nutrient and simple herbs which have properties and qualities to super charge your immune system to fight og diseases or anti body elements. These are the boon of nature and gift of god to mankind. Seems to be ordinary here but have somewhat miraculous qualities to keep you away from doctor and keep you fit these food fuel your immune system in natural way, make you heal their and help your body to fight infections.

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