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Garlic The Wonderful Herb

In ancient Indian mythological 'holy book of health and life ' who is said to be written by god itself for the good of mankind, AYURVEDA explains the utility of different herbs and garlic is one of them to boost your immune system in natural way without any side effects.
HISTORY No historical evidence of cultivation is available. Although in Hindu mythology when gods and demons (THE DEVAS ANS ASURS) fought for nectar (AMRITAM) the water of immortality, two of assure got access to nectar but before they could swallow the water of immortality god chopped their neck. As a result few drops fell on ground and grew as garlic because it was dropped nectar (AMRITAM) it has medicinal properties but as it was dropped from demon's (ASUR'S) mouth it smells strong pungent smell. The jains and Hindu consider it increases the desires of man some orthodox Hindus and Janis avoid use of garlic as per Islamic myth when Satan left Eden, garlic arose in his left foot print and onion in the right. In many cultures ( HINDUS,JAINS,EUROPEN AND CHINESE CULTURES ) Garlic was used for protection perhaps owing to its reputation as a preventive medicine for impotency central European folk beliefs considered garlic a powerful ward against demons, were wolves and vampires, to protect from vampires, garlic could be worn, hung on windows or doors or rubbed on chimneys and keyholes. In Buddhism in Buddhist traditions garlic with other five 'PUNGENT SPICES' is understood to stimulate sexual and aggressive drives (HINSAK VRITI) to detriment of meditation practice.

Although 'GARLIK'S ' medicinal use has been mentioned in ayurveda, charka samitha and some other ancient books of Vedic Hinduism but no evidence it is thought that garlic is descendent from the species ALLIUM LONGICUSPIS which grows in plenty in wild naturally (WITHOUT CULTIVATION) IN CENTRAL AND SOUTH WESTERN ASIA. ALLIUM SATIVAM grows in the wild. Where it grows naturally the WILD GARLIC, CROW GRALIC AND FIELD GARLIC of great Britain are members of species ALLIUM URSINUM, ALLIUM VINEALE and ALLIUM OLERACEUM respectively in north America alliums vine ale is known as wild garlic or crow and alliums condense is known as 'MEADOWS GARLIC' the so called ELEPHANT GARLIC is actually is a wild leek (ALLIUM AMPELOPRASUM) and not a true garlic. Single clove garlic (ALSO CALLED PEARL OR SOLO GARLIC) originated in the yunnahn province of china.

Historial Use Of Garlic
Garlic has been used as food and medicine in many cultures for thousands of years. Garlic is native to central Asia. Garlic is one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world and has been grown for over 5000 years. Ancient Egyptians are considered the first to cultivated garlic which played an important role in their culture its cultivation history is as old as the Pyramids of Giza. Garlic was not only bestowed with sacred qualities and placed in the tomb of pharaohs but it was given to the slaves that built the pyramids to enhance their endurance and strength. This strength enhancing quality was also honored by the ancient Greek and Roman cultizations their athletes used to eat garlic before going to war. They believed that pungent plant infused them with courage and strength garlic even now grown in Egypt but the Syrian variety is the kind most esteemed now (See Rawlinson's Herditous, 2.125)

Garlic is mentioned in bible and the TAMMUD,HIPPOCRATES,GALEN,PLINY the elder and Discords all mention the use of garlic for many conditions including Parasites Respiratory problems poor digestion and low energy its use in China was first mentioned in 510 AD.

Garlic was consumed by ancient Greek and Roman soldiers sailors and rural classes (VIRGIL, ECOLOGUES) and according to pliny the elder (NATURAL HISTORY XIX) by the African Peasantry. Galen Eulogizes it as the '' Rustic's Theriac'' (CURE ALL) (see F.Adams PAULUS AEGINETA P.99) and ALEXANDER CENTURY (WRIGHTS EDITION OF HIS WORKS PAGE 473, 1863) Recommends it as a palliative for heat of sun in filed labok

In Korea's to have given mortal women with bear garlic before and tiger temperaments an Immortal's black garlic before mating with them. This is genetically unique; six clove garlic that was to have given women super natural powers and immortality this garlic is still cultivated in a few mountain areas.

In his natural pliny gives an exceedingly long list of scenarios in which it was considered beneficial in which (NHXX23) Dr.T sydenham valued it as an application in confluent small pox and says Cullen (MAT.MED II P 174 1789) found some dropsied cured by garlic. In 20th century garlic was used for the treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis. Garlic was grown in England before 1548 it was rare in traditional English cuisine.

Garlic was introduced into various regions throughout the glob by migrating cultural tribes and explorers even in 6th century before Christ, garlic, and was known in China and Indian where it was used for THERAPEUTIC PURPOSE also.

Throughout the Millennia Garlic was loved in many culture for its Culinary and Medicinal use over the last few years, it has gained unprecedented popularity since researchers have scientifically validating its numerous health benefits. Currently INDIA, CHINA, SOUTH KOREA, SPAIN and UNITED STATES are among the top commercial producers of garlic.

Scientific Research Study Of Garlic
20 m & 21st Century is totally based on scientific facts. There is no space for superstitions and rumors which do not have scientific footings. A lot of research studies were conducted to know that garlic contains allicin. Ajoene and Thiosulfinates the three powerful compounds which help the human body to prevent and fight different infections. These compounds are so strong that even consuming raw garlic juice is as effective as Neosporin is for Disinfecting Minor wounds. When applied to the skin, garlic is more effective than creams like tenanting and other anti fungal agents in fighting athlete's foot. Evidence has revealed that people who consume large quantity of garlic on the onset of cold will reduce the amount of time taken to heal.

DENNIS BLANK REPORTING AT FIRST WORLD CONGRESS ON GARLIC AND HEALTH for centuries there has been a mystic folk lore about garlic and its magical healing ability. It was a blind faith and many used it to cure colds, flu and a big list of common ailments. People knew that garlic made them feel better but they do not always understood why..?

Now scientists have discovered not only why & how certain microbial and cancer fighting chemicals from garlic WORK but why they work the way they do? With years of serious scientific research behind them, these researchers are now convinced that garlic and aged garlic extracts has been highly effective in reducing the two leading causes of death, the cancer and heart diseases. Now they are extending life itself.
This has also led them into new areas that show promise but need more research. Garlic products could be very important in the overall effort to prevent yeast infections and breast cancer among women. These two are major new growing health problems.

On of the leading Authorities on garlic research, Dr.I.LIN chairman of the first world congress of the health significance of garlic and garlic constituents, suggest that a daily dose of cooked garlic or garlic extract along with a good eating habit and a good lifestyle can substantially reduce the risks of cancer and Cardio Vascular diseases in modern society. He cautions the users however against using raw garlic for treating diseases without popper medical supervision.
So much is being done that more than 40 researchers from 15 countries gathered recently in Washington D.C to comrade notes and set new directions they agreed that more research is needed to verify preliminary success of their experiments.

To scrutinize the importance of garlic a 20.5 million dollars research study was been conducted along with other vegetables like LEEKS and ONION etc. Which may prevent cancer Dr. HERBERT PIERSON a NCI scientist will direct the five-year study? He pointed out that research in Italy and china has shown reduction in stomach cancer among people who ate garlic on a daily basis. DR HERBERT says that garlic is the best cancer fighting substances or agent.

Some scientists think that it is due to sulfur compounds that make garlic a good medicine. Although they are less certain of the chemical reaction that takes place, particularly when the growth of deadly cancer cell is Restricted.

However DR LIN discovered when garlic is cooked processed or Met abolished it releases Thilo or Thiol reagents which Modulates the body's defense of cancerous cells. He also proved that these substances can protect the body against nuclear radiation and also protect liver against environment pollution because radiation and pollution are main cause of cancer; these substances (THIOL) may also protect us from (AGAINST) cancer. As JAPAN'S medical researcher HOYOKU NISHINO says '' It seems that garlic contains several kinds of anti tumor promoting principles''.

Alliums 2 SATIVUM has been found to reduce platelet aggregation and HYPERLOPIDEMIA in 2007 BBC reported that alliums satvum may have other beneficial properties as preventing and fighting common cold. This assertion has the backing of long tradition in herbal medicine that has used garlic for hoarness coughs and cold. The Cherokee also used it as expectorant for cough and cold.

Garlic is also alleged to help regulate blood sugar levels. Regular prolonged use of THERAPEUTIC amounts of aged garlic extracts lower blood HOMOCYSTEINE levels and has shown and prevent some complications of DIABETES MELLITUS. People taking insulin are not advised to consume medicinal amounts of garlic without consulting a PHYSICIAN.
During World War II garlic was used as an antiseptic to prevent GANGARENE. It was found agter a clinical trail that mouthwash containing 2.5% fresh garlic shows good anti microbial activity although most of participants reported unpleasant taste smell and halitosis.

In vetro studies it was founds that garlic has ANTI BACTERIAL, ANTI VIRAL and ANTI FUNGAL activities. Garlic is also claimed to prevent Heart diseases (INCLUDING ATHEROSCLEROSIS, HIGH CHOLESTROL, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE AND CANCER) it is a known fact countries where garlic is consumed in higher amounts traditionally, have a lower prevalence of cancer.

Animal studies and early studies on humans have also suggested possible CARDIO VASCULAR benefits of garlic supplement a cause for reduction of blood CHOLESTROL another study had similar results with garlic supplementation reducing aortic plaque deposits of CHOLESTROL fed rabbits.

The known Vasodilative effects of garlic is possibly caused by CATABOLISM of garlic derived POLUSULFIDES to Hydrogen sulfide in red blood carp cells (RBCS) a reaction dependent on reduced Thiols in or on RBC membrane hydrogen sulfide as an endogenous molecule.

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