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Agriculture Division

The company started its AGRICULTURE DIVISION by cultivating growing mushroom, spice ginger, special garlic and medicinal qualitative herbs in Haryana,Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan and some other parts of India with high quality for making human life healthy.

Our precious and nu+tritious cultivation and storage in the lap of holy Himalayas at HIMACHAL PRADESH DEVBHOOMI (The Land Of Gods).
Is known as white mushroom or Agarics Bisporus.It is widely cultivated, harvested and used throughout the whole world. This 'EDIBLE FUNGUS' variety is commonly used as vegetable and mostly 'mushroom' word projects the image of 'BUTTON MUSHROOM' in our minds. The hard fungus can be obtained from any grocery store all over the world in United States alone button mushroom is consumed about one kilogram or 1000 Gms in a year by an average American...

The button mushroom looks like another classic mushroom. It has a bit short thick stalk or stem and a creamy white or clean white cap on head. Plant mushroom is grilled on stem under the healthy smooth cap. A small ring like structure surrounds the stem. Appears as a ring of flesh .The tender young early mushroom forms a veil over the gills or grills on stem. The button mushroom is found almost everywhere in the world and may grow anywhere on wooden chips, on dead wet tree stem, leaf moods, grassy lawns, compost piles or even on fertilized soil under specific climatic conditions. The brown button mushroom variety is marketed as crimini mushroom. It is slightly dark and have earthier flavor.

It is also very delicious and tasty it adds complexity to food and consumer like it. Farmers or growers also give it priority to other verities. Button mushroom is easy to pack it is also sold with PORTO BELLO LABLE. which is also large in size and tasty like crimini mushroom. Its rich flavor reassembles meat like texture these all varieties are easy to store, easy to pack and easy to ship. All above varieties of mushroom are stable if kept in dry conditions.

How To Choose And Use Button Mushrooms
It is not at all a complicated work to choose and use button mushroom, just pick up the specimens which have a bit tightly closed veils converging the gills or choose firm dry spacemen's without any cracks and do not have slim texture. It should look fresh keep it in a paper bag and store in your fridge in cool climate (BUT NOT IN FREEZER) the mushroom are better to use fresh or within a week i.e. .within seven-eight days..

To prepare it to use first brush the mushrooms with tender hand to remove dirt or dust. Wash with soft hand if immediately want to use button mushroom are edible, delicious mushroom which may be used in many ways in different type of dishes and are excellent on pizzas, salads, stir fries and stews. If dried is used to lend a deep earthy flavor to stews and stuffing's the myriad use dependence on the creative imagination of your cook it is limited.

Traditional Mythological And Historical Views About Mushrooms
There are so many views and rumors about the superhuman supernatural qualities and properties of mushrooms. For so many years it was considered as PLANT OF IMMORTALITY. In ancient Egypt the Egyptians believed at about 4600 years ago that mushroom contains properties of immortality. As per mythological hieroglyphics of Egypt it was leased by royals for immortality. Mushroom found a respectable place in the royal kitchen of PHRAOHS OF EGHYPT. No one other than royals can dare to touch mushroom for food. It was strictly asteriated to royals. So that entire supply may be assured to them for food. It's delicious flavor also tempted them in other civilization also there were so many superstitions and rumors. Even in India mythological writings say that mushroom was generated from holy amrit i.e. water of immortality by gods of heaven and brought to earth by a holy rishi (godly man)

As per ancient writings in other civilization including Russia, Mexico, china, Greece Babylonia and Latin America mushroom was used and it was believed that it contains super natural properties to produce super human strength. Some believed that it one can see in future and past may find lost things (AS HE CAN SEE THEM) and it leads the soul to the holy realm of gods if mushroom is regular used in a specific way for a specific period but all these superstitions and rumors do not have any scientific evidence.

History Of Early Cultivation
There is historical evidence that France has been leader in the cultivation of mushroom and considered first in mushroom growing in modern history in Louis XIV's reign. During those days mushroom were cultivated in the caves near Paris. These caves were kept properly to maintain suitable climatic environment for mushroom production from France mushroom was brought to England. Mushroom was a temptation for gardeners to grow due to less labour, less space and less investing. In no time it became popular in England publicity was made in magazines. During 19th century mushroom production made its way towards Atlantic to United States where home gardeners find it easy to grow and convenient although it was an unknown crop for them but its quality at that time was inferior and poor.

As florists could grow and slide the mushroom beds under flower benches easily and grain a good profit in growing two crops in the area of one. Flanker's thinking was that mushroom growing is ideal for farmers also who prepare their own manure and spawn. The house wives also took mushroom growing as a source of home income because it does not require any specific technology or skilled labor at that time William Flanker's book encouraged to developed target groups by suggesting suitable crops to grow. This book advised building beds generating appropriate temperature and also the knowledge of developing mushroom markets.
The AMERICAN SPAWN COMPANY st.paul Minnesota LOUIS F.LAMBERT, A FRENCH MYCOLOGIST WAS HEAD OF THIS COMPANY) was the first producer of pure culture virgin spawn. He started production of brick spawn and advertised across the country lamberts pure culture became very popular product and received a silver medal at University Exposition in st.louis in 1904 AD. Inspired by Lambert's success English spawn was sold as "ENGLISH PURE CULTURE SPAWN".

Up to 1914 mushroom market began to play hugs & wide role in industry. As per an estimate about 4 to 5 million pounds of mushroom were produced in United States alone lost of growing mushroom was merely 15 to 20 cents while retail price was forty to sixty cents per pound. The marketing or mushroom developed rapidly. A popular theory to aim at directly to consumer by passing the middle man developed. It was pointed out that attractive containers will be used and only good looking products will sale.

Helathy Immune Developing Medicinal And Nutrition Value Of Mushrooms
The science daily (Feb. 6, 2008) declared that button mushroom (AGARICUS BISPORUS) has much more antioxidant properties than other more expensive varieties.
Button mushroom is largely cultivated throughout the world thousands of tons are consumed every year and farmers also prefer button mushroom to grow. Even though it is a wrong perception spread and thought widely by most people that other mushroom are more exotic and have nutritious value but now new research has revealed in SCI's journal of the science of food and agriculture that white button mushrooms have more antioxidant properties than other expensive mushrooms.. The maitake and matasutake mushrooms are specially considered and preferred by Japanese as they have medicinal properties for some common diseases particularly for lowering blood pressure and its ability to fight cancer. As we know that antioxidant help ward off illness and boost our immune system by acting as free radical scavengers by helping to mop up cell damage caused by free radicals.

Head of a research team of scientists DR DEAN MICHEL from institute DE LA recherché agriwomique (A governmental Research Institute Of France) Declared that anti radical activities were ebullient to sometime more than better known mushrooms. In button mushrooms when measured free radical scavenging ability of respective mushrooms. It was also noticed that the body of mushrooms has a higher level of concentration of anti-oxidants than the stalk. As scientist have considered white button mushrooms have more radical scavenging power as now, mushroom is the most wanted vegetarian food for health. The button mushrooms are available throughout the year and you may have it any time any season anywhere. Being cheap also it may prove an excellent source and part of a healthy diet button mushroom is rich in anti-oxidant.

Nutrition Value Of Mushroom Oer 100 Gms (3.5 Oz)
The nutrition value of mushroom is as under :
  • ENERGY = 113 KIJ (27 K CALORIES)
  • CARBOHYDRATES = 4.1 gm
  • FAT = 0.1 gm
  • PROTIEN = 2.5 gm
  • THIAMINE (VIT B1) = 0.1 mg
  • RIBOFLAVIN (VIT B2) = 5 mg
  • NIACIN (VIT B3) = 3.8 mg
  • PENTOTHENIC ACID (VIT B3) = 1.5 mg
  • VITAMIN C = 0 mg
  • CALCIUM CA = 8 mg
  • PHOSPHOROUS P = 120 mg
  • POTTASIUM K = 448 mg
  • SODIUM NA = 6 mg
  • ZINC ZN = 1.1 mg

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