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Food Processing

Food processing is emerging as a major industry, which has the potential of providing employment to young people of the State. Assam has a fertile soil conducive to cultivation of fruits and vegetables. So far the fruits and vegetables grown in Assam have been sent by rail or road to other parts of the country. Now a beginning has been made to process them in Assam itself. One such enterprise is Sanghavi Foods Private Ltd in Dalgaon in Darrang District. Dipak Sanghavi, Director of the Sanghavi Foods, feels that the food processing unit would provide employment opportunities for the younger generation. "We have taken the first step to show a constructive way to the youth. Next step is for everyone to promote development. Development promotes peace. We have endeavoured for peace," said Sankar Prasad Rai, President, All-Assam Students Union. The bottling plant is one project, the like of which, needs to be established in large numbers.

Ashang, a worker, says: "I finished my higher secondary in 2004 and started my studies for graduation but had no means to look after my family. It was fortunate that this factory has come up." "Industries can come to Assam, if there is peace. I urge militants to give up violence and have dialogue with the Government," said Abdul Azad, another worker. The food processing industry has also come as a big relief for the farmers. The region is very rich in vegetable production but the farmers do not get their due share. When there is over production, the farmers have to under sell their products or throw them away. The industry now absorbs the extra production and also gives the growers their due in terms of money. So the industry is a boon for everyone.

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